Thanks for the great response! My slots are currently full and I have a waiting list. But you can still get the special offer I made on Rocking Self Publishing and the Author Biz podcasts.

You’ve watched my videos.

You’ve listened to my podcast.

But have you been coached?

One of the most valuable things I do is act as a sounding board for my coaching clients. I help them get unstuck and see new possibilities for their stories. Another incredibly valuable thing I do is provide solutions to specific craft problems. You know, teaching.

But it’s not like you have to take my word for it. 

I realize not everyone is ready for a full coaching package at the moment they really need to get unstuck or get that troubling question answered.

The solution? A one-time consultation.


Would you like to receive a 30 minute consultation for $0?
Just use the contact form to l
et me know.


Why am I not saying “free”?

Because there is something I want from you: After the session, I would like to hear exactly how helpful the session was and use your feedback to either improve the offering or as a testimonial. Maybe both!

I’m giving away a limited number of consultations for feedback, so hit reply and let me know you’re interested. I’ll either schedule something with you or let you know you’re on a waiting list.

*This is a limited time offer. Recipients of this offer must provide feedback and a testimonial during a recorded Skype call.

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