Ruminations on Writing as a Practice

Writing for me is a practice. I mean practice in the same way people use the word when talking about meditation. It hasn’t always been this for me. Originally, I wrote for fun, because I couldn’t help myself. Telling stories to and for myself was my passion.  And it...

Writers Retreats

Alida discusses the benefits of a writers retreat and ways to make one affordable. Enjoy pictures of beautiful Lake Superior and get inspired!

A Literary Pilgrimage of Sorts

A Literary Pilgrimage of Sorts

This week, I go to Sauk Centre, Minnesota to conduct paranormal research for the Skoghall Mysteries and to make a literary pilgrimage to the home of a Nobel Laureate.

Best Gift for a Writer

This weekend, my wonderful partner, Scott, and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. After I opened my present, I asked what had led him to the Oxford English Dictionary. He had done a search for the best gift for a writer, and what came up on all the top ten lists...

Saying No

  Do you have a problem saying no? I sure do. I say yes to all kinds of things, often without thinking about whether that is the right thing for me. I say yes because I like the person asking, because I feel obligated, because I would feel guilty saying no,...

The Writing Life

I’ve been thinking about point of view a lot lately when I’m not thinking about this dog. Right now, Seva is next to my chair, chin level with my lap, gaze lifted because in the service dog world, eye contact is rewarded. She wants Joe’s Os. The problem is if I type...

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