SWRT 051 | Reality-Based Fiction

How do you balance real people, events, and places within your fictional narrative? Should you use major historical figures as protagonists? Or should they just pass by as setting or scenery? Have you asked yourself what you are aiming for in terms of your historical fiction? And why do you want to use a real figure or real event instead of complete fiction? And how important is that authors note?

SWRT 050 | Openings

Want to know what it takes to write a good opening? How do you hook your reader and get them invested in your story? How do you create character empathy and what are the action steps that you need to take in order to write a great opening?

SWRT 049 | Balancing Action & Non-action

What can cause problems in your action balance? How do you identify these problems? And how can you work to solve them? What counts as an action beat versus a quiet moment? And what should your characters be doing in those moments?

SWRT 048 | Misunderstood Storycraft Rules

Show, don’t tell! Don’t think, feel, and wonder your way through a manuscript. Dig deep! Use that narrative exposition. Use your dialogue and action sequences. Write visually. Never use adverbs. Use the right word choice. Make your writing strong and not weak. Don’t use to be! Don’t use said! We tackle some of the most commonly touted writing rules and how they should actually apply rather than some of their more misunderstood applications.

SWRT 047 | Unlikeable Characters

How often do you find unlikeable characters? Is there a difference between an unlikeable personality and moral or ethical flaws? What about morally repugnant characters? What kind of arcs do unlikeable characters have? And how do you craft them?

SWRT 046 | Writing Through Anxiety with Micah Joel

We welcome special guest, Micah Joel, back to the Round Table to talk about the writing life. No matter who we are, we’ve probably dealt with anxiety and depression at some point in our writing lives. Whether we’re talking clinical or “normal”...

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