SWRT 034 | That’s Motivation!

How do you stay motivated when life takes over your days? We talk about the issue of negative motivation, and how you can use motivation as a verb. What motivates us? How can you reconnect to the feeling of writing? We talk challenges, deadlines, writing in small chunks, and wrap up with our tips and tricks to keep ourselves motivated.

SWRT 033 | Backstory

What is backstory? And how is it used in your story? What is the difference between backstory and history? How do you know when backstory is needed? And how should you interweave it into your story?

SWRT 032 | Resting the Writer’s Brain

Welcome back Robert! Since Robert just got back from a recent trip, we dive into the idea of travel. Are we travelers? And how far do you have to go to refresh your writing brain? What if you can’t afford to travel? And should your travel involve writing? What are the benefits of breaking out of your routine? And how should you record your travel for later?

SWRT 031 | Writing Skills, part 2

What are some benefits of writing short? How can you make sure your writing is working for your readers? And what are some challenges we face as writers? Finally we talk about what process to go through as you seek to improve your writing!

SWRT 030 | Writing Skills with Steve Peha

How do you make writing interesting to kids? How can you evaluate any kind of writing to make it better? And how do you get anyone, regardless of their age, excited and passionate about creating great writing? We explore six traits of writing, how to find your writing territory, and the importance of publishing your work.

SWRT 029 | Emotional Wounds & Character Arcs

What is a character arc? What are the three kinds of character arcs and four main components of a character arc? How can you use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help with pre-writing? And how present does your characters wound need to be? Should you state it outright? Or should you weave it into the narrative? How many of your characters need wounds? And how can it affect your antagonist? Finally we discuss the details of finding your wound, and what it might do to your character.

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