SWRT 096 | Should Your Story Be Told in Parts?

How are parts used in novel structure? How do parts function? And when do you want to use them? We discuss how different genre’s use parts and how to ensure you don’t use them in the wrong ways!

SWRT 095 | Subplots

What exactly is a subplot? When do you need them? Who should they revolve around? And can they really alleviate the soggy middle syndrome? And please don’t forget your characters have lives too! Don’t make them live entirely in the main plot line.

SWRT 094 | Multiple Points of View: Pros, Cons with Carlee Tressel Alson

What do we think about multiple points of view? And when should you cut them? What does a point of view character need to have? And when should you add another? We talk about the difference between dual, multiple, and ensemble casts and how it should affect your point of view character choices.

SWRT 093 | 5 Steps to Drafting with Motivation & Momentum

Carlee shares five tools to help us through our drafting process, whether you are in first draft or revision! We talk about setting goals, using focused writing time, keeping a log, as well as a visual progress meter, and rewarding yourself at the completion of a project. Carlee also talks about her experience with group accountability and how key it was to finishing her draft. Remember! We’re doing an accountability challenge in our Facebook group this year! Join us today!

SWRT 092 | Going Deeper with Emotional Risks part 2

In part two of our conversation about taking emotional risks, we talk about what the “truth” is in our writing. How do we get to the emotional truth? And how do we take care of ourselves when we do get there? We also discuss the difference between the value of your experience, and the way that we can convey that to readers. Plus we have a special bonus segment specific to Creative Non-Fiction writers!

SWRT 091 | Going Deeper into Emotional Risks

Why are we compelled by the truth in our lives? And how can we make art out of emotional risks? When should we protect the people we’ve written about rather than publish our work? And how do you deal with your reality in writing, whether in fiction or nonfiction?

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