SWRT 107 | Traveling Chapters

What is a traveling chapter? And why do all books, regardless of genre, have them? What can you do to amp up your traveling, and make it interesting and compelling to your reader?

SWRT 106 | Talking Fantasy with Nico Taranovsky, part 2

What is Intrusion and Liminal Fantasy? And why would you choose to mix the types? Why is Nico writing an intrusion fantasy? And what is his take on world-building? In the end, it’s all about writing a story that says something, has impact, and matters to your readers!

SWRT 105 | Talking Fantasy with Nico Taranovsky

How did Nico get into writing fantasy? And what is the history of this genre? How would you write a classic fantasy story today? And should you have a distinct good versus evil plot? We dive into types of fantasy stories, starting with the Portal/Quest fantasy and how to immerse your reader, without losing them!

SWRT 104 | Guiding Your Reader with Narrative with Mike Stop Continues

What is a sequencing issue, and why is it so bothersome to Mike (and Alida)? Why do they happen? And how should you address them? What tools do you miss out on when things are out of order? How can you use narrative to help craft surprise, and reveals? And what is the problem with delaying your dialogue tag? We leave you with ways we discover problems in our own manuscripts.

SWRT 103 | Revising with Theme with Mike Stop Continues

You have a draft, now how should you approach revising to your theme? Mike breaks down a way to approach your draft across multiple facets of your novel, and we talk about how it all works together. How do you transform description, action, and dialogue into a thematic powerhouse? By keeping your theme front and center! Now, go write it on a post-it note and stick it to your monitor!

SWRT 102 | Prewriting Theme with Mike Stop Continues

This week, Alida, Kathryn welcome Mike Stop Continues back to the show to discuss prewriting theme. We cover:  why you should find your theme before you write, why themes that are too timely are no good,  being human, the role of the character arc in theme, how does...

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