Flash Tip: Hyper Reality

  This week, we talk about the problem with getting too real in your fiction, and some of the tools you have to avoid hyper reality and to keep your story moving...

Hooks & Endnotes

This week, Alida discusses the common problems of writing past your hooks & killing your endnotes. Not sure what a hook is or why you need one? Watch & learn!

Trite & Hackneyed

Alida discusses two often-used phrases you should avoid. They’re trite, hackneyed, and at this point, cringe-worthy. Watch & take the pledge!

Going Up? Stakes & Tension

In this week’s Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip, Alida defines stakes and tension. She explains how they work together to affect both your character and your reader.

POV Stranglehold

  In this week’s Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip, Alida discusses a common problem writers have with point of view. She calls it the┬áPOV stranglehold. It happens when the POV chokes off the narrative voice. Alida shows you how they should work...

Subtext (or what’s not on the page)

What’s not on the page, but makes your story powerful? Subtext, of course. And subtext is the topic of this week’s Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip. Enjoy!

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