I explain the importance of the crescendo in your story’s structure. Whether writing an action scene or an emotion-driven one, you need to make sure the movement rises…and...

SWRT 035 | Goal Setting

Why do we desire to set goals for the new year? And why Robert hates goal setting? What is the framework of inputs and outcomes and how can we use it to avoid goal overwhelm? We talk about the power of the to do list, and that you must know yourself and your tendencies in order to be successful. In the end Alida wraps it up in one neat bundle of tips!

SWRT 034 | That’s Motivation!

How do you stay motivated when life takes over your days? We talk about the issue of negative motivation, and how you can use motivation as a verb. What motivates us? How can you reconnect to the feeling of writing? We talk challenges, deadlines, writing in small chunks, and wrap up with our tips and tricks to keep ourselves motivated.

SWRT 033 | Backstory

What is backstory? And how is it used in your story? What is the difference between backstory and history? How do you know when backstory is needed? And how should you interweave it into your story?

Flash Tip: A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

  Alida shows you why a picture is worth 1000 words in this week’s flash tip. Tips are taking the rest of the year off so I can spend more time enjoying the holidays. See you in...

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