SWRT 041 | Climaxes

What is the difference between an inciting incident and a climax? And can you stack large climaxes throughout your story? How do you know what a climactic moment is? Readers expect variety! Climactic moments should be as varies as the characters, subplots and plot points of your story.

SWRT 040 | Character Relationships

Are you supporting characters always supportive? How can you use character conflicts and relationships to up the stakes and tension in your work? Don’t forget: no one exists in a vacuum! And characters are defined by how they interact with others!

SWRT 039 | Tropes

What is the actual definition of a trope? And how should you use one? Why do we conflate it with so many other things? And how can you use them artistically without falling into cliche’s or heavy handed writing?

SWRT 038 | The Bechdel-Wallace Test

What is the Bechdel-Wallace test and why is it important? Should we know more about it? And are we just products of our culture? How can you apply this test to your fiction? And what is our responsibility as writers and creators to change the worldview around us? Is there a male counterpart to the Bechdel-Wallace test? Should there be? It all comes down to character development, so make sure you are looking at them from all angles!

SWRT 037 | Revision

Revision – love it? Hate it? How do we approach it? What should your mindset be when you approach revision? And how long does it take us? Revision is just a part of the process and a necessary one! So learn to enjoy it!

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